I am using my YouTube channel to raise money for our local Food Bank. I think of it as collecting spare change on a global/virtual street corner, except I don’t have to stand there 24/7, and my voice won’t give out.  And nobody even has to donate: the money comes from Google. Once I get 1000 subscribers, then the YouTube “FanFinder” will help target more.  The channel is all about academia, technology, social media… 

So please subscribe and share the link with everyone. It just takes a couple of clicks: http://www.youtube.com/DoctorDecade

We Sing for Food: Michigan musicians raising money for the Greater Lansing Food Bank 


We Sing for Food is proud to announce the release of Volume 3, a fabulous, eclectic collection of new local music. Volume 3 features original tracks from the Hoopties, Duality, Rob Klajda, Clint Lavens, The GetOut, Basement Shark Attack, SaGoBa, Eric Johnson, The Hat Madder and Doctor Decade. 

It’s Michigan Music you can’t go wrong, Donate a Dollar and Download a Song! Proceeds go directly to the Greater Lansing Food Bank: http://wesingforfood.bandcamp.com/album/we-sing-for-food-vol-3

We Sing for Food is a grassroots social media fundraising project for the Greater Lansing Food Bank.  The basic idea is this:  “Donate a dollar, download a song” — like iTunes for the Food Bank.   Local songwriters provide original songs, and the dollar goes directly to the Food Bank. If it works, songwriters will get a little visibility, the Food Bank gets a little money.  You can see what’s happening here: 




The success of the project depends on having a steady stream of original music. If you have original material you would be willing to contribute, please contact WeSingForFood@gmail.com for details.  Or just “like” our page if it seems like a cool idea!  Thanks! 

"I am an Indie Band" (C) 2012 Doctor Decade

"Yes, I’m a real doctor, I’ve got my degree

From the Basement Band University”

I’ll Prescribe the Song, (C) 2012 Doctor Decade

"I sing a little too loud and I’ll do it for free

To help raise money for your charity”

I am an Indie Band, (c) 2012 Doctor Decade